The Milton and Rose Friedman Center at Capitaf: advancing human well-being through free-market capitalism

Capitaf Purpose

The only dwelling designed and built by Nobel Award-winning economist Milton Friedman and his wife, Rose, Capitaf is the perfect setting for small group gatherings. From scholars and students to business and government leaders, those who seek to understand and consider how to apply Friedman’s insights to the challenges of our more complex world will find inspiring space to do so.

In July 2016, Free To Choose Network, Inc., in partnership with six individuals, formed Capitaf Partners, LLC and purchased Milton and Rose Friedman’s Vermont estate. It is now the site of The Milton and Rose Friedman Center at Capitaf: advancing human well-being through free market capitalism. We invite you to make use of the Center for events that keep alive Friedman’s intellectual entrepreneurism. We want to ensure his innovative public policy ideas for advancing increased freedom and prosperity for all are embraced by new generations of scholars and community leaders.

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Capitaf, the Friedmans’ beloved summer home, is a versatile venue encompassing two houses, beautiful and challenging hiking trails and a recreational pond on 90 acres of luxurious Vermont woodland. The Main House has five bedrooms. The Guest House has three bedrooms. Each house includes space for meetings, full kitchens, and dining areas. The Guest House is also the home of The Robert H. Bork Law and Economics Room, which houses Aaron Director’s personal library.

Join us in bringing life to the site of some of the 20th century’s most important and innovative thinking. Please contact us with any questions or date inquiries regarding event and meeting spaces at Capitaf. We would love to hear from you!