The dwellings and ninety acres of Vermont forest and meadow offer a charming, comfortable, invigorating environment in which to relax, study, debate, exercise and share ideas with companions. Milton and Rose built the Main House, hexagonal with a huge central fireplace, in 1967. A few years later they added four bedrooms that were initially not heated. The Guest House was built and the tennis court installed by Bob Aliber, a colleague of Milton’s at the University of Chicago who owned Capitaf after the Friedmans. The Guest House includes the Robert H. Bork Law and Economics Room, which contains the private library of Aaron Director (Rose’s brother). The grounds and gardens are luxuriant and abundant. The woods surrounding the houses are full of captivating flora and fauna.


– Living area (ideal for small group Socratic discussion)
– Dining area (ideal for casual continuation of those discussions)
– Full kitchen
– Fireplace
– Five bedrooms
– Two full baths
– Two 1/2 baths
– Exterior deck

Thanks to Milton’s design, the Main House is ideal for conducting small group discussions. The environment of a country lodge and spectacular view puts one in the mood to speculate about the many challenges to be overcome in the constant effort to improve the lives of all individuals.

Built by the third owner, Robert Aliber, the Guest House features a large ground level room suitable for a library. With some renovation, it accommodates the private book collection of Aaron Director, Rose Friedman’s brother.


– Living area (ideal for small casual discussions)
– Dining area (ideal for small group meetings)
– Full kitchen
– Two Fireplaces
– Three bedrooms
– Three full baths
– One1/2 bath
– Exterior deck
– Lower level is the future home of the Robert H. Bork Law and Economics Room, which will contain the private library of Aaron Director.





– 9-room Main House
– 11-room Guest House
– Pond
– Shooting Range
– Many walking/hiking paths
– Abundance of wild life
– Close to Dartmouth College
– Close to Lebanon Airport

Beyond the sheer beauty of the property and the magnificent view, which guided Milton’s placement of the main dwelling, Capitaf is the perfect getaway/hideaway. Accessed via Blood Brook Rd, Godfrey Road and our private driveway, there are no neighbors visible from the mountain. The forest is dominated by white pine, with a fair amount of oak and white birch along with some hemlock and other species. Hiking the property can be leisurely or a substantial workout if you choose the steeper trails.

The acre-sized pond, informal shooting range and wild life access, add to the special character of Milton and Rose’s ultimate idea of the perfect residence.

The gardens at the main house are gorgeous year round, reflecting both Milton and Rose’s interest in both floral and edible gardening. Of particular note is the blueberry patch, the source of our yearly vintage Milton’s Own Blueberry Jam.

If you are adventurous and want to brave the isolation of Capitaf in winter, it is a fabulous site for sledding, tobogganing and snowboarding. This will be a great source of exercise since there is no lift to return you to the top of the hill. Access to the homes in winter is made possible by a tracked John Deere Gator, with a four-door closed cab equipped with a heater and front and rear running lights.